Have You Missed The Office Commute?

With arrival of the academic year, teachers, city workers and bosses are welcomed back to their not so forgotten office life. Have you missed the office commute?

In a post-Covid world, over half of London office workers anticipate they they will spend a minimum of three days a week at their desk in the office. However, the reality of this is still up for speculation due to the number of fully vaccinated people.

Vaccinated or not, some people may not miss the office commute due to concerns of crowded public transport. This is regularly passing 50% more of the “normal” passenger levels according to Tfl.

Childcare, animal day care and the drastic changes in peoples lifestyle once again. Understandably, public transport is beyond some peoples potential. Especially with numerous lockdowns and the potentiality of more, affecting peoples mental health.

Around 900,000 property transactions have been made in the past year. 210,000 transations being in London and the South-East. Using these figures to illustrate the amount of people that making the office commute therefore, using public transport to get to work and/or driving increasing traffic back to its pre-lockdown state.

At Doorsteps we are proud to be a part of these 900,000 property transactions and will hope that we can continue to add to it. Selling your properties in London and the rest of the country. Many of our properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and our website right now are based in the South-East, and we are trying our best to accommodate for the increased need for the office commute.

All that remains is to see how the housing market continues, transport networks handle the drastic changes. We must convince the office bosses that we do not need to commute every day.

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