Here’s How To Have a Successful Showing

You’ve taken an online advert listing your home. You’ve received some interest, and are expecting the potential buyers for a viewing in a few hours’ time. You’ve cleaned the house, taken the dog to your mum’s, and notified the neighbours of the coming guests. But have you finished everything?

Here’s a list of tasks to tick off your next showing to-do list.


Create A Comfortable Atmosphere
The key to making a potential buyer fall in love with your property is to make sure everything is in order and the atmosphere is welcoming, comfortable and cosy. Create a mood that is relaxing and facilitate the guest’s need to explore.
Be sure to:

  • Have The Right Temperature: Make sure the thermostat is set appropriately for the season. Make it cooler in hotter weather and warmer when it’s cold.
  • Rid The House of Sight-Line Impairments: Choose a focal point in each room. Arrange furnishings and other items so that the eye is drawn to the central focus, and rid the place of those things that distract.
  • De-odourise, But Keep The Scent Neutral: Ensure that there are no foul odours in your house, but don’t use sprays or other de-odourisers that may cause a bad experience for those with allergies.

Make It Bright
Light brings a certain cheerfulness to a room. Use natural light when possible. Pull the curtains open on bright days and let the sunlight shine through. Create a pleasant mood in the home by using light to draw attention to features you wish to highlight.


Keep It Personable
Buyers do not make purchases from places, they make purchases from people. Be personable with your guests. Greet them upon their entry. Offer to show them around the property but allow them to venture around on their own if they so choose. Be wholesomely hospitable and attentive to their needs.

Be Prepared
Some buyers may have a lot of questions about the property. Answer everything they ask truthfully to the best of your ability. Ask them about any concerns they may have, and provide them with achievable, satisfactory solutions when you are able. 

By following these simple steps, you can have a successful showing. If you’d like help with scheduling showings, Doorsteps would be glad to assist. Contact us to get started today.

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