Home Remodels that Increase the Value of Your Home

No one wants to put a lot of money and time into a house they are just going to list for sale. There are times, however, when spending a little money home remodels can actually pay back big time when it comes to listing your house for sale. Investing in rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms are some of the most expensive renovations but can pay off by adding value to your home increasing the sale price. The real updates that payoff and could prevent a sale if you don’t follow through with them are your roof, furnace/air, and siding. To decide which remodel you should make read on about each of these fixes that will boost the price of your home.

The Roof

There is no quicker way to end a potential sale than to learn that the roof is leaking or needs replaced. Repairing or replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home repairs in existence. Unless you are prepared to come down a great deal on your price get the roof fixed.

Heating and Cooling

Installing newer energy efficient central air con and heating can increase your home’s value as well as perk up the ears of buyers who learn the furnace and air are new. No one wants to purchase a home that will automatically need updates. Taking care of the hard stuff now before your sale will move your home for a fast sale.

New siding

Old wooden siding that is warped or damaged damages your curb appeal and keeps buyers from looking at your home. Investing in vinyl or metal side can increase your return profit over 90% of the time.

Bathroom and Kitchens

While updating the bathrooms and kitchens with granite countertops and new cabinets won’t necessarily help improve the price of your home, upgrading the showers and sink features can help with the value of your home. Installing dishwashers and showers where there were none will most definitely help to sell your home.

Putting off necessary repairs and updates will not only decrease the value of your home but could also end a sale once they potential buyers find out there are problems. Adding these home remodels and repairs will guarantee selling your home and for the top amount of money. For help with these repairs and advice on which updates and repairs to make, contact Doorsteps today.

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