Home Selling Myths

Preparing to sell your home? In the next few weeks, you’re going to read quite a bit and hear from almost everyone around. It seems like every aunt, uncle, cousin, colleague, and neighbour has a home selling story to tell, but the information you get isn’t always true. In fact, many of the ideas you hear in those stories are absolute myths that could hold you back as you prepare to sell. Here are a few you should be familiar with before you ever even begin to sell your home.
• Set Your Price High. Buyers Will Negotiate. This just isn’t true. You have to be careful when you’re looking to sell your home because in some cases, it won’t sell if that price tag is just too high. Buyers avoid homes that aren’t in their price range, so if you’ve priced many out of range, you won’t even get to the negotiations before you have people walking out the door.
• Sell Your House As-Is. Many people don’t want to go through the hassle of fixing a few little things here and there, and they’d prefer to sell it just like it is today. There’s a lot to do before you sell your home. Those little flaws that aren’t a problem for you could be a huge turn-off to potential buyers, and if something as simple as a professional carpet cleaning and a new coat of paint means the difference between a sale and your home sitting on the market for another month or two, it’s best to go ahead and make the changes.
• Interior Appeal Matters Most. Many people spend money making changes to the interior of their home, then totally ignore the curb appeal factor. The reality is that when a buyer pulls up to a home for sale, a judgment is made. Pay as much attention to that exterior as you do the interior of your home.
If you’re ready to sell, don’t listen to the myths almost everyone will tell you. Instead, contact a qualified Doorsteps agent who is ready to help you sell your home and give you the information you need most.

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