House Insulation Tips for Families

House Insulation Tips for Families

Did you know proper insulation can be a great selling point when you’re trying to sell your property online. If you’re a new buyer, it’s a good idea to seek homes with updated insulation, or you can simply update it yourself.

This unseen detail isn’t talked about too often. But according to Britain’s Energy Saving Trust (EST), hundreds of pounds are wasted every year to heat uninsulated homes. This is not a great thing for your wallet or the environment.

However, this oversight can be fixed easily. Take a look at these house insulation tips put together by the team and start saving today.

1. Roof and Loft
Did you know that a quarter of your home’s heat disappears through the roof? Insulating the attic or loft is an easy way to reduce heating bills.

If you can get into the area easily, you can do the insulation yourself. Simply use rolls of mineral wool insulation. However, make sure that it isn’t damp and that the roof is flat. If you have dampness in the loft or attic, it’s better to hire professional help.

2. Walls
If you have a house built in the 1990s, there’s good news. You probably have wall insulation already.

In the case of older homes, you need to find out if you have solid or cavity walls. Both types require different insulation techniques. Selling a house online may be daunting but taking these steps can increase its value.

3. Floors
You can use various DIY methods to seal flooring and keep the heat from escaping in that direction. Just remember that upstairs room floors don’t need to be insulated.

4. Draught-proofing
Don’t forget to guard against draughts. Blocking unwanted gaps may be one of the cheapest ways to save energy and heat up your home.

The Takeaway

Before you sell property online in the UK, make sure you have the insulation fixed. Give buyers something to look forward to and help them save money during the chilly winter months.

Fortunately, you can do a lot of the installation yourself. But whether you do it yourself or work with a professional, make sure there is cushioning around the pipes. This can save your plumbing and also help lower water heating bills.

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