House Selling Terms to Know

If you have never sold a property before, the jargon can be
confusing — and intimidating. Being timid or unsure can impede the process and
make your emotional stress even greater. The solution? Arm yourself with
information. Then you’ll have the confidence to tackle everything from viewings
to completion with confidence.


Here are a few terms you need to know:


Completion: While
it is the first term on the list, it’s the last stage of the selling process.
This is the day on which the buyer transfers money to you and you give them the
keys. Success!


Conveyancer: Backing
up a bit: a conveyancer helps sort out the legalities of the sale. A licensed
conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor handles tasks such as title searches,
property searches, contract drafting, preparation of legal documents,
calculation and preparation of stamp duty land tax, completion representation
and more.


EPC: Energy
Performance Certificates contain information about your house’s energy use and
typical costs. They also detail strategies you (or the new owner) can employ to
make the property more efficient. When selling, you must have an independent
assessor in to complete the review, and you must provide the EPC to potential


Exchange of Contracts: Sounds
very official, doesn’t it? It is! At this stage, your conveyancer has drawn up
a contract with the details of the property and sale. You provide it to the
person who has made an offer. Once they agree, you both sign copies and
exchange them. Then your sale is legal and binding. Neither party can withdraw
without providing compensation to the other.


Staging: These are
strategies you use to make your house ready for buyers; it includes boosting
curb appeal, de-cluttering, thoughtfully arranging furniture and other touches.


One other term to know: Doorsteps. Our experienced estate
agents are here to help you sell your house quickly. Contact us for more

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