How Much Does Selling a Home ?

There is no question that buying a home can be an expensive venture. Buyers must not only pay for the price of the home and agent fees but also taxes, valuation, and arrangement fees. To be sure, buyers are usually prepared and understand the expenses they will incur. But what about the seller? It is not uncommon for the seller to have some costs when selling a home which may come as a surprise if they have not consulted with the right people. Working with a our agents makes the selling process simple and surprise free. We take the time to discuss any problems and what costs may come with selling your home making the process easy and stress free. Prepare yourself to have some of the following costs as a seller.

  • Estate Agent Fee. Estate agents like the professionals at Doorsteps are expertly trained to know the legalities of selling a home. Choosing to enlist the aid of an agent will cost some money usually a little over 1% of the total selling price of your home but is well worth the expense. Saving money by not using an agent could cause more problems and headache trying to wade through the contracts and seller’s responsibilities.
  • Conveyance Fee. The conveyance of property is transferring the title ownership or deed from buyer to seller. This will need to be completed by a professional conveyor and can be somewhat costly.
  • EPC Fees. An Energy Performance Certificate is necessary when you are a selling a home. An EPC evaluation can run anywhere from £50 to £150 depending on the agency. The certificates rate your home’s energy efficiency on a scale of 1-8.
  • Removal Costs. If you own a small property hiring a removal company may not be worth the cost to your budget. These companies pack up your home and move your belongings from the home you are selling to your new house. You can request a quote from a number of companies to obtain the best price. It pays to check out reviews for companies as well to insure you are getting quality and reputable service.

Most of the fees will need to be paid for upfront so budgeting in the costs for services is a good idea before you sell your home. Your agent can walk you through the entire process and even make recommendations for which companies to use. Call  us for more information about selling your home.

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