How Odd Numbers and Triangles

If you have studied anything about art and the focal point of a photograph or painting, you would have most likely heard that odd numbers and triangles are what draw your eye’s attention. No, we don’t mean literally numerals and well drawn triangles, we are talking about the arrangement of furniture, decor objects, and even wall hangings. When staging your home for sale, some important but sometimes ignored tricks involve the decorations on your mantels and the pictures or hangings on your walls. To make the most of a house showing, redecorate your home in a way that will catch buyer’s attention and make them feel as though they could see themselves living in your attractive space.
To use this focal point strategy, begin with wall hangings. Consider one larger canvas with three smaller coordinating pieces that can be hung and arranged flush next to the larger for an interesting focal point above headboards or on the main walls in rooms. If you are hanging multiple frames or canvases, remember to keep the number odd for an attractive and eye pleasing display. It is also important to keep wall hangings as impersonal as possible. Choose decorative prints with patterns or artsy designs to replace personal photos and mementos on your walls.
The triangle strategy works best with props and decor on end tables, mantels, counters, and coffee tables. Keep to odd numbers when decorating these areas as well. Imagine a triangle when arranging multiple objects and keep them in triangular formations for the best possible focal point. If you have books strategically placed, stack them in decorative piles of three or if you have vases with flowers keep the flowers in an odd number. Other decor pieces should be arranged in odd numbers as well. You can use triangles for decorating wall space as well with hangings, clocks, shelves, etc.
As with many other strategies,  it is important to keep your home as decluttered as possible. The key is a warm and inviting space without being too full or appearing messy. Keep personal effects picked up and put away making your home appear as though anyone could be living there. Potential buyers can get the feel of how the home would be if it were their own.  We’re happy to help with staging and decorating to add appeal to your home and encourage buyers to make an offer leading to a successful sale.

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