How Pollution Could Affect Your Home Sell

The quality of air in your neighbourhood can affect many aspects of your life. Now, some UK home buyers are looking at area pollution levels when considering a home, and with good reason. According to the BBC, nearly 44,000 Britons die each year to conditions relating to the nation’s air quality. Luckily, homeowners now have tools to help them determine their area’s air quality before putting their home on the market. 

Why Pollution Matters 
Knowing the pollution level surrounding your home is important on many levels. Some of the reasons you may want to know the pollution levels in your neighbourhood before selling or buying include: 

  1. It can have serious effects on your health. Air pollution has been linked to a number of illnesses, some fatal, including chronic heart disease, anxiety and memory loss. Additionally, pollution can have detrimental effects on your skin cells, damaging the way you look and feel.
  2. It can harm your children. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says nearly 3,000 schools in Britain are located in areas with dangerous levels of pollution. Children are especially susceptible to the effects of air pollution, which can affect a child’s growth and development and may contribute to conditions such as autism. What’s more, mums who are exposed to toxic air are more likely at risk of birthing a baby prematurely.
  3. It can affect the price of a home. Homeowners trying to sell property in an area with significant air pollution can expect nearly 15 per cent less on their overall final sales price than those with a similar home in a less polluted neighbourhood.

Know Your Levels 
Environmental company EarthSense regularly measures and monitors the air quality of towns throughout the UK. In partnership with the BBC, they created 
a free tool to check the air quality levels in your neighbourhood. Simply type your postcode into the tool to reveal your area’s air pollution measurements. 

Use Your Knowledge 
Once you’ve completed your air quality search, you’re ready to start selling your property. Doorsteps offer house valuations online to help you competitively price your home. Check out our free online valuation tool to get started today.


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