How Pro Photos Can Help You Quickly Sell Your Home

You’ve decided to list your home online. You have a well-composed house description added to your listing, and you’ve uploaded a few quick snaps of the home’s interior and exterior that you shot on your smartphone. You’re sure your beautiful home is going to sell quickly, and you’re excited to know that someone will soon be enjoying the same house you once called home.

Fast forward to a few months later. The house is still listed, the views on your online listing still climbing, but you’ve managed to get very few leads in prospective buyers. Why has this been unsuccessful?

This all-too-familiar scenario may seem disheartening. It seems the seller did everything right. But in all actuality, this homeowner’s problem may be a fairly simple one that affects numerous sellers world-over each day: the photos. 

Why Professional Photos Are Important

According to an article in the 
Wall Street Journal, most buyers spend nearly 80 percent of their time viewing the photos in online real estate listings. That means they only spend 20 percent of the time reading the carefully-crafted listing description. If the photos are not top-notch, a potential buyer is likely to continue on to another listing, while the seller is left with one less potential sell. Here are some other statistics to consider:

  • Listings with high-quality professional photos can bring in an average of £669 to £83,136 more on the market value price.
  • Sellers who use professional photographs as part of their listing sell their home 32 percent faster than those who do not.
  • Professional photos account for 118 percent more online views than those taken by amateur photographers.

The Most Important Photos You Need

Though hiring a professional photographer can be one of the most important decisions you make when listing your home, you also need to understand what photos you need to accompany your listing. As a general rule, be sure your professional photographer gives you the following photographs:

  • A kerbside photograph of the house exterior
  • At least one photo of each interior room, staged if possible
  • A photograph of unique house features, like an extra-big en-suite, that may be a point of interest for a potential buyer

If you’re in the U.K. and looking for a professional photographer to photograph your house for an online listing, our UK based online estate agent team at Doorsteps is here to help. To get started,
contact us today.

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