How to Buy a House Without Stress

Who wouldn’t want to buy a house without any stress? It sounds like a dream. But with this online estate agency in the UK, that dream can be a reality.
Imagine going from property listings to receiving the keys in a few easy steps, with no fuss and no hassle. Doorsteps’ conveyancing service will take care of all the details and paperwork for you.
Your time is precious. And the last thing you want to do is worry about the minutiae of your property sale. Keep reading to find out how conveyancing works and if it’s the right solution for you.
What Is Conveyancing?
Conveyancing generally refers to the process of moving ownership of land or property from one person to another. Many online estate agents in the UK offer this service. But Doorsteps takes this one step further with an affordable full-service experience.
Some highlights include:
in-house service
all-inclusive quotes with no hidden fees
opening hours extended for your convenience
life case tracking
What Are the Steps to Using This Service?
Are you ready to work with experienced conveyancers? If you are, here is what you need to do.
Step 1 – Contact and Quote
The first step involves contacting the agency. You can do this over the phone or online to receive your price quote. This price quote is all-inclusive and fixed, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected fees and inflations above your quote.
Step 2 – Payment
Next, it’s time to make your payment. Remember, you only pay the quoted price, and it won’t change throughout the rest of the process.
Step 3 – Initial Forms and File Set-Up
After you’ve made your payment, you’ll complete some initial forms. Your files are set up instantly, so that agents can keep track of your situation.
Additional Conveyance Perks
Some additional perks with this service include:
dedicated agent – agents handle everything for you and they are quick and responsive
open 24/7 – agents are available all day and night to answer those important questions
live online portal – you can easily track viewings and offers
all paperwork handled – solicitors, EPCs, and other details are handled by your dedicated agent
Furthermore, the price only changes if your instructions do. It’s easy to see how that reduces the stress of buying a house a great deal.
Doorsteps also offers a “no move, no fee” guarantee. That means that if you don’t move, you don’t pay legal fees. So if your deal falls through and it isn’t your fault? You don’t have to worry about the bills.
There are also free resources available on the Doorsteps website to help you understand every part of the process. You can find a guide to conveyancing, a jargon buster, and an informative FAQ section.
How Do I Sign Up for Conveyancing?
There are a few ways to contact Doorsteps. You can request a call back by filling out their form online. If you prefer, you can also live chat with one of their online property agents or call them at 0208 012 8566. Agents are available 24/7 for your convenience.
The Takeaway – Is This Right for Me?
Doorsteps has helped 93% of their buyers and sellers have a hassle-free experience. So you don’t have to tackle the housing market by yourself.
This service is a good option for busy professionals or first-time buyers. Doorsteps can take care of all the little details that you may be confused about or simply don’t have time for. That stress-free experience is well worth the fee.

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