How to Declutter a Home

Some of us get in a comfortable habit of discarding items in convenient places that aren’t necessarily attractive or the best places to put things.  Your house is your home where you should be able to be comfortable, but when trying to sell your home, convenience needs to take a backseat to propriety.  Decluttering a home is essential before prospective homebuyers ring to take a look about the place.  Decluttering needs to take place outside the home as well as inside.
Front Porch.
The front door of your home will be a focal point of any potential homebuyer as they arrive at your home.  The colour as well as the upkeep of the front door, surrounding porch, and any front farden landscaping will make the first noticeable impression.  If the front door has a knob, doorbell, or door knocker, ensure all are replaced if worn and in good working order.  Any handrails or stairs leading up to the front porch should be in good shape and repairs made if needed.  If the property has a fence or gate, ensure they are all working properly.  Rake any leaves, clean any snow, etc., from the sidewalks according to the season, to ensure the front garden is tidy and presentable.  Decorations, according to season, can be used sparingly to add an attractive air of festiveness.  You can even buy a new welcome mat.
Decluttering Inside
Most likely, you will still be living in your home while getting it ready to show to potential homebuyers.  It can be tough to find new and out-of-sight places for many of the essentials you still need and will be using.  The kitchen, for example, is a room you will still need to use on a daily basis.  Some tips for decluttering your kitchen include:
Remove small kitchen appliances from countertops
Towels, dishcloths, and potholders should be kept in drawers
Dish detergent, sponges, and cleansers should be kept in a cabinet under the sink
Roasters, and pots and pans should be kept in cabinets (or packed if you don’t use them very often)
Go through every room in your house as you have the kitchen, picking up small items and items not often used.  Either confine them to a cabinet, shelf, or drawer, or do some early packing, getting ready for your eventual move.

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