How to Get an Accurate House Valuation

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling your property online, property evaluation is the first step you need to take.
If you have property to sell, you need to know exactly how much it is worth, so that you can avoid complications down the line. Crucially, you want to avoid getting underpaid.
Obviously, buyers also need to know the exact worth of a property before they make a decision. Knowing the worth of a house makes it easier to look beyond the advertisement and identify any problems.
These are only two of many good reasons to invest in house valuation.
Why Is Accurate House Valuation So Important?
The benefits of accurate house valuation don’t end on saving and earning money from sales.
The following terms are all based on your home’s value:
• Home equity lines of credit
• Refinances
• Insurance premiums
• Annual property taxes
With that in mind, knowing exactly how much your home is worth will give you greater control over the mentioned processes. For example, you can lower your tax bill by pulling comparables and proving that an assessment is too high.
It’s important to hire a house valuation service on your own terms, rather than relying on the services provided by mortgage lenders. After all, your goal is to get an accurate and trustworthy evaluation of the property. Mortgage evaluation can be biased in a way that benefits the lender.
Where to Go for an Accurate House Valuation?
You can develop a good idea of what a property is worth without spending any money on valuation. There are plenty of methods that will allow you to do so, such as:
• Evaluate similar homes in the neighbourhood – this could mean just going around the neighbourhood and asking your neighbours how much they paid for their houses
• Checking the asking price in advertisements from your area
• Using online valuation tools – there are thousands of home value estimators online, and many of them are free. When you’re looking for a preliminary estimate, this is where you should start.
Although these methods will help you get a general idea of how much your house is worth and what the market is like at the moment, it doesn’t guarantee an accurate, 100% reliable house valuation.
Whether you’re selling or buying, an inaccurate valuation will lose you money. So, what is your alternative?
You can hire an estate agent for the job. Agencies have the tools and experience necessary to complete a thorough evaluation of any property.
But you still need to be careful when choosing an agency. Some traditional estate agents tend to overvalue their client’s property so that they can secure a marketing contract.
That’s where we jump in.
What Can You Expect from Doorsteps?
On the Doorsteps website, we offer free instant valuation. As mentioned before, online tools are a good option if you’re just getting started with the sales process.
But we also offer thorough face-to-face valuation, which you can book through our website. This valuation is also a part of our premium property sales packages.
If you are wondering how to sell your house online, or where you can find some of the best online estate agents in the UK, Doorsteps could be right for you. Accurate valuation is only a small part of the comprehensive service we offer.

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