How to Hide Your Pets Before Showing Your Home

Everyone loves an adorable pet, right? That’s not necessarily true when it comes to home buyers. In fact, very few of them want to walk into a home with the smell of wet dog, pet hair all over the furniture, or a litter box in the corner of a storage room. That can be tough for sellers, but homes without pets statistically sell more than homes with pets, so hiding Fluffy or Fido may be a must when you put your home on the market. Where do you even begin, though? These tips can help.

·       Pet Odours: This is perhaps one of the biggest turn-offs for buyers, and there are a few things you can do to hide them. Unfortunately, simply spraying some air freshener isn’t going to change anything, and it might make things worse. Individuals with allergies may end up sneezing their way through your home because of the added scent. Instead, consider hiring a professional floor cleaning service to help you get your carpeting sparkling clean and fresh. Put the litter box in an unused location and keep it as clean as you possibly can. In spots where pet stains are noticeable, you may want to replace flooring.

·       Pet Gear: The toys, bed, and even dishes may need to go when you’re showing your home. Pack up the pet toys and put them away when they’re not in use. Wash the food and water bowls and store them after your pet is done each day. The cage or kennel he sleeps in each night should also be put away before you show your home.

·       Clean, Clean, Clean: You should remember that your home will take a bit of extra cleaning while it’s on the market. Vacuum twice a day, and be sure to hit the sofa and other soft, upholstered furniture with a vacuum or lint brush at least once a day to remove the pet hair. Mop the area around your pet’s food bowl every day. You should do the same in the space where you store the litter box.

·       Hide Your Pet: Before a showing is scheduled, you should do your best to remove your pet from the situation. Consider a pet daycare or a neighbour for the afternoon. The last thing you want is a stressed pet on your hands while prospective buyers are trying to look at your home.

If you’re not sure you can hide your pet while your home is on the market and listed with local or online estate agents, you may want to try relocating him or her temporarily. Maybe you have a friend or relative who would agree to foster your pet for a while. You could also consider boarding your friend at a pet spa or kennel while you’re away. If you already know where you’ll be moving, it may be easier to go ahead and make the move and get your pet settled while you try to market your old home as well. The key, though, is working toward a solution that’s perfect for everyone involved.

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