How To Let Go Of Your Home (Emotionally Speaking)

One of the most difficult parts about selling a home doesn’t come from moving or pricing or finding a new home: it comes from your emotional attachment to your home. A home is something that you come to depend on day after day. Your home is your soft place to land, and it’s the one spot where you can have a little bit of peace in this crazy world. That’s often why people have such a hard time deciding on a good price to sell their homes – because they’re too emotionally attached.

When you’re emotionally attached to something, you put more value on it than it should have. Emotions don’t usually translate well to monetary value, and if you want to sell your home quickly it’s important that you learn how to remove your emotional attachment from your home.

How is that possible? Remember that it’s just a house. It’s wood and drywall and paint, it’s not alive. The memories that you have aren’t physically in the house. You can remember Christmas two years ago in your new home as easily as you could in your current home. The memories are in your mind, not inside the house.

Try an exercise: jump in your car and drive a few hours away. Make a day trip of it. Go shopping or enjoy a meal out. Once you do find a nice, quiet area, park your car. Close your eyes and think about the last big event you had in your home. Think about the breakfast that you made on Easter morning or the garden party you hosted last year. Remember those details. You should be easily able to do so, which, hopefully, will help you to see that the memories you have can be recalled no matter where you are.

The next step, after you return home, is to begin removing personal mementos from the walls and decor. Pack them in a box, then store them in the garage or a self storage unit. Without your personal items on the walls and surrounding you, you may be able to take another step forward – thinking about your home differently – as a product to be marketed. 

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