How to Maximise Hallway Features to Help Sell Your Home

When a potential buyer enters your house or sees an online advert for your property, you’ll want them to have a great first impression. After all, as the saying goes, first impressions count. And whilst many people understand that it’s important to stage individual rooms to create a lasting and imposing first impression, one often forgot — but not often overlooked — areas in your home that you should be staging is the hallway. 

First Steps, First Impressions 
Because most homes are designed so that hallways lead to various rooms, they often act as the initial focus when potential buyers are looking at your home. Since your hallways act as the first impression to your home, you’ll want to use them to make the most impact.To maximise your hallways impact, you’ll want to: 

  • Clean your hallway carpets. Dirt and grime will keep potential buyers away. Make your hallways — and your home — inviting by tidying up the carpets with your hoover. If your hallway carpets are especially soiled, you may want to replace them entirely before photographing and listing your house.
  • Make sure your coats and other hallway-stored items are tidied away. As with any other room in your home, you’ll want to make sure your hallway is free of clutter. This means tidying your coats, shoes and other items often stored in hallways.
  • Remove any superfluous furniture. Some homeowners have furniture and other furnishings in their hallways. Often, this furniture is unnecessary and only makes manoeuvring through the house more difficult. Before listing your property, be sure to remove any superfluous furniture to clear the path for easier manoeuvring and to open the hallway space to make the house seem bigger.
  • Add inviting decor. Strong wall decor will help to make your hallway space feel cosier. Add vibrant, eye-catching photos or artwork to make the space feel inviting, but avoid decor that distracts from the rest of your home.

Maximise Hallways to Maximise Profit 
Once you have maximised your hallway space, you’re now ready to photograph and list your home with 
internet estate agents. Doorsteps offers a team of dedicated agents to help guide you through the selling process. To see how the team can help you maximise profit on your home, contact us today. 

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