How to Properly Clean Your Carpets

When selling your house, appearances matter. Your carpet is a prominent feature, and it needs to look its best. This flooring is typically less pricey than hardwood, and it helps cover slight imperfections (e.g. a floor or walls that are a bit out of level). It also exudes warmth. But when it’s stained, old, worn or tired – it can become an impediment to a quick sale. If you cannot afford to replace your carpet, a proper cleaning is in order.

There are a few options to consider:

Hire a pro. A professional cleaner can come in and take care of the nitty-gritty while you attend to other details of selling your house. Considering the cost of replacing carpet, this can save you a lot of money.

Hire a carpet cleaner. Companies like Rug Doctor are available to let, and you can either pick one up at an outlet near you or sign up online for delivery. These machines can deliver professional-quality results at a lower price.

Pick up your own carpet cleaning machine. After use, you can sell it, trade it or put it to work in your new home. (Or maybe borrow one from a mate!) There are both dry and wet cleaning options: dry is faster and easier, while wet is better suited for deep-down dirt and stains.

Whether you hire a cleaner or purchase your own, take a few steps to ensure great results:

Prepare the room. Remove all of the furniture. If you are keeping some pieces in place, like sofas, remove them to a different room.

Prepare the carpet. First step is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Remove all the loose dirt and debris you can, and be sure to vacuum both horizontally and vertically so you don’t miss a spot.

Use a pre-treatment product. If you have some problem stains, use a pre-treatment solution. Rug Doctor, for instance, offers a High Traffic Cleaner, and you can find other options available easily at your home store or online. Do a spot test first on a hidden corner so you can see if it interacts badly with your carpet.

Use the machine as directed. Each cleaner is different, so be sure to read the instructions. This is important – really! You don’t want to ruin the carpet, making replacement a must.

Ventilate the room, let dry – and don’t track any dirt in!A clean carpet not only looks great, it helps you create a fresh atmosphere. Buyers will be lining up!

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