How to Renovate a Hardwood Staircase

It’s important to freshen up your home’s look before you sell your house online. Staircases can be the central anchor for any building’s décor, and they can showcase your home to great effect. But ugly staircases will repel potential buyers.
Renovating the hardwood staircase in your home will make a significant amount of difference. So take a look at the steps that can give your hardwood staircase new life.
Refinishing a Hardwood Staircase
If your hardwood staircase is looking a bit dull, there are many ways to improve it. But this project is relatively time-consuming, so you may not want to start you’re on a tight schedule.
Step 1 – Sanding
First, you need to lay down protective cloths over any furniture or structures nearby. Sand your stairs gently to remove the existing finish. Be careful to not alter the shape of the stairs as you work.
If you plan on varnishing the stairs, go all the way down to the bare wood. However, if you are going to paint your staircase, it’s enough to simply feather the finish. Remember to use gentle and even strokes and go over it several times as needed. You can start with 60-grit sandpaper and work your way up to 110-grit sandpaper as necessary for a smooth finish.
Step 2 – Use Mineral Spirits
With a clean cloth, gently wipe the stair surface with mineral spirits. This can ensure a clean and even finish. It may also reveal imperfections that need additional sanding.
Step 3 – Apply the Varnish, Stain, or Paint
Lastly, it’s time to apply your chosen finishing coat. Depending on your wood type, you may need to apply the finish multiple times. Give your finish ample time to dry completely before applying a new layer.
A Word About Hiring Professionals
A new staircase can revitalize the entryway of your home and give it a new and open look.
Renovating a hardwood staircase by yourself can be a simple project to do at home. But you should hire professionals if you feel that your home improvement skills may not be up to task.
While it might be an expensive option, you don’t want to risk a failed project. Getting stuck with DIY renovations is sure to delay the process of selling your house online.

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