How to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Summer is notoriously rough for the housing market, no matter where your home may be. The interest of potential home buyers has turned to planning holiday trips and relaxing, with a declined motivation to shop for houses. We know there are some things you can do to help increase the appeal and charm so you can sell your home even in the heat of the summer. To keep your motivation focused on the sale of your home, use this quick checklist of strategies to get your home off of the market.

Check your curb appeal. While the landscaping and exterior attractiveness of your home may not seem like a big deal, many potential buyers make their decision before even setting foot through the front door based on curbside appeal alone. Amp up your outer charm with some simple but pretty landscaping or a fresh coat of paint. You may even want to power wash siding if needed. The initial investment will be worth your sale in a stagnant market.

Spruce up the back garden. Clean up any dying or raggedy brush and flower beds. Set up the patio furniture and add little bright pops of colour with flower planters or furniture cushions. If a buyer can envision what a living space can look like with furniture and decor, they are more likely to make an offer.

Clean up your indoor living space. Making sure the inside of your home is viewer friendly at any given time allows us the freedom to show your home when a buyer is available. Keep clutter picked up, dust regularly, do laundry, and dishes anytime there is a need to ensure your home is ready for show all times of the day. Even keeping the windows and patio doors spotless is necessary for many buyers to consider a second look at your home.

Keep it cool. Summer temps can be blistering hot, and if your interior is not cool enough, your low quality air conditioning can be a deal breaker. Keep your air conditioning set to a cool and comfortable temp for potential buyers. If they fear a less than perfect working cooling system, you could lose a successful sale.

Other helpful tips to help sell your home include offering cool drinks to buyers and providing a list of activities or attractions in the neighbourhood that may entice an offer. Doorstep Agents is here to help with any questions or other helpful hints to move your home off the market.

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