How to Sell Your Home When You Don’t Know Where To Begin

selling your home can feel overwhelming. If you’ve never sold a property
before, you may not even know where to begin. We’ve prepared this guide
specifically for new UK home sellers like yourself who may want some guidance
in the property sale process. Follow these steps to easily list and sell your

Prepare Your Home For Sale
Before you can even begin to sell your home, you
first need to do some initial preparation work. In order to get the most from
your home valuation, you’ll want to begin by doing the following:

  1. Fix minor cosmetic issues. Paint chipped walls, replace torn carpets,
    and repair anything broken in the home. Doing so now will prevent you from
    scrambling once the house is listed, and can affect your asking price.
  2. Enlist the help of professionals to fix bigger
    bigger breaks or issues — leaking faucets, for instance, or a broken
    boiler — enlist the help of a trained professional. Most home buyers will
    expect these repairs to be made before they purchase.
  3. Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Not only is it required by British law,
    it’s also a great resource to help you evaluate what you can improve
    before listing.

Complete A Property

After you’ve prepared your home for sale and
made any necessary fixes, you should then complete a property valuation.
Doorsteps offer a free instant online home valuation. You can access the
on our website.

List Your Home
You’ve completed the prep work and received your
valuation. It’s now time to list your home. Your listing should include:

  • A 250 word written property description with an eye-catching
  • Professional photos and/or videos of your property (smartphone
    snaps will usually not suffice).
  • A 2D property floor plan, to help buyers visualise your house’s
  • The asking price for your property.
  • A contact method where you can be reached at most anytime. If
    you’re providing a phone number, make sure you have your answerphone set
    up so you won’t miss a sale!

Show Your Home and
Negotiate Offers

Now that your home is listed, you’ll soon be
receiving enquiries and offers from potential buyers. Provide property showings
to those most interested, and negotiate the final sale price as

Finalise the Sell
Once you’ve received your best offer, it’s time
to finalise the sale. Complete the required documents, title deeds, and so on,
then receive your property payment from the buyer.

After completing all these steps, your property
sale is complete. If you still feel confused, or you’d like the help of a
professional agent for £99 all-in, then 
reach out to Doorsteps today.


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