How to Sell Your House for Less Than a Hundred Pounds

It’s becoming extremely popular to sell your home online, and for good reason. This method can be quicker, more convenient, and cheaper than using old-fashioned print advertisements and local agencies.

But if you’re new to the online property market, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options at your disposal. There are many agencies to choose from, offering a wide range of services.

It can all seem confusing, especially when you’re on a tight budget. So, how can you decide which services are essential to the sales process?

Let’s take a quick look at what you should prioritise if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on selling your home online.

Legal Fees Relating to Sales

It’s important to look up the expected fees in your region. These include the following:
• Ownership transfer fee
• Property fraud fee
• Title deed from the Land Registry

Before you invest in anything else, make sure you can cover all of these expenses comfortably. A seasoned agent can help you estimate how much it will all cost. But working with a solicitor or conveyancer is the best way to ensure that every piece of paperwork is in order.

The Marketing Expenses of Selling Property

As a seller, you want to make the marketing process as smooth as possible. Without expert help, you may end up spending unreasonable amounts of money on ads.

The best way to save money on this is to find trustworthy but competitive online estate agents. They can get your property listed online where it is easy to find. Your goal is to make sure your advertisement reaches as many people as possible, at the lowest cost possible.

At the same time, the quality of your ad is important. You want to emphasise the property’s best features to make it stand out.

Working with an agency can provide you with a photo and a catchy advertisement text. Most importantly, you can find experts who know everything about current trends in your area. These agents can provide you with money-saving tips.

Don’t Skip the Valuation

This is another extremely important expense. Before you can begin selling your home, you have to know exactly what it is worth. This is the only way to ensure that you don’t undersell it. On the other hand, overestimating your property is also a bad move, as it can prolong the sale process too much.

Because valuation is a significant investment, some sellers prefer to skip it. But if you’re worried about your expenses, you can get in touch with Doorsteps. Our agency is an especially good option for sellers who have a limited budget.

Can You Really Make a Sale If You Only Spend £100?

At Doorsteps, we’ve managed to list £1 billion worth of properties in under two years. Our prices are part of the reason why people prefer us over other agencies.

The legal fees are a separate matter, and we can help you figure out how much those will cost. But outside of those expenses, we can help you sell your home online for just £299.

Our service includes weekly progress reports, and we’ll make sure you have absolute control over the proceedings. In this case, the valuation you receive is completely free.

Some of our clients prefer to invest in a more thorough, on-site valuation. If this is the case for you, book your house valuation and learn more about our prices.

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