If The Home Needs Work, Should You Offer Less?

days, it seems very few buyers are looking for homes that aren’t in move-in
condition. Yet there are many beautiful homes for sale that need a bit of work
and motivated buyers who are willing to do that work. If you find a home that
needs a little care before you move in, should you offer the seller a bit less to
help you save some much-needed cash for those repairs you’re certain to have to


single best thing you can do before you shape your offer is learn more about
the property and the neighbourhood. Perhaps the home needs a bit of work for a
reason. If there is a certain amount of history around the home or the
neighbourhood, perhaps it’s only natural for it to look at little outdated.

the Cost

should also decide how much the repairs or upgrades will cost you. If it’s
simply a matter of doing some trimming in the garden, painting the front door,
and making small repairs around the home, it may not be worth it to lose the
bid to another buyer. If, on the other hand, the repairs needed are serious,
and you’re not sure you’ll be able to afford them if you don’t put in a lower
offer, you should absolutely lower your offer.

To Your Agent

Not sure what to do? The best thing move you can
make is chat with your agent. He or she can help you decide what type of offer
to put in and the likelihood of your seller accepting that offer based around
the changes necessary for you to make the purchase. To learn more, contact us

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