Kitchens Sell Houses – Is Yours Ready?

long been known that one of the biggest returns on investment comes when
sellers upgrade their kitchen before they list their home. Kitchen remodels
tend to be fairly expensive undertakings, though. How can you make sure you get
the most return for your money? Focus on theses aspects.

The Cabinets

your cabinetry looks like it was installed twenty years ago, a buyer is going
to notice right away. If you’re noticing scratches, scuffs, and layers of dirt
that have accumulated over the years, it’s time for a change. Fortunately, you
don’t have to replace them entirely to make the most of the situation. Instead,
a can of paint might do the trick. You want a refreshed, renewed look, and
paint can do that. If there’s a bit more damage, you still don’t always have to
replace them entirely. Instead, you can replace just the doors and find the
look you want.

The Countertops

can make your kitchen look just as outdated as the cabinets can, so address
those after you finish the cabinet renew. In almost every case, you’ll want to
go with granite or a solid surface like pulverized quartz. Many people want to
see granite countertops, and you can typically find a fairly good deal if you
shop around.

Consider At Least One Wow

you don’t have to make all of the pricey upgrades you can think of, you should
at least consider one feature that makes your buyers say “Wow!” It
could be a beautiful pantry, under cabinet lighting, or stainless steel
appliances, but make sure you have at least one very attractive feature buyers
will remember.

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