Let Light Sell Your Home

Would you rather relax in a dank, dark, musty basement or a light, airy, window-filled room? Simple choice, right? Of course! Light, both natural and thoughtful artificial light, add beauty, style and a sense of well-being to our living spaces. And, when done well, light can help you sell your house.

How can you “lighten up”?

Strip the windows. Clear away the drapes and blinds. This allows a tremendous amount of natural light in. And natural light confers a variety of benefits, from boosting productivity to increasing happiness. Buyers will immediately respond to the effects.

Use a clean, neutral colour palette. Neutrals actually come in a full spectrum of shades, from taupe and beige to grey and ivory. These hues reflect rather than absorb light, make rooms feel both lighter and larger. This is a great technique for opening up a dark room (e.g. one without windows). Be sure to paint your ceiling white and paint over any accent walls.

Replace art with mirrors. You may love your copy of “Dogs Playing Poker,” your Van Gogh prints or your local artists’ masterpieces, but prospective buyers may not. Swap out your artwork and replace pieces with a large mirror or two. This has two benefits: first, it allows buyers to think about how they can make their own imprint on the space, and second, it creates the impression of more light and space.

Upgrade your lampshades. Buy simple white shades to place on all your lamps. This gives your home a clean, crisp and coordinated look, and, again, white reflects light.

• Turn on the lights. When you have an open house or showing, turn on your lamps and overhead lights. Illuminate dark corners and highlight focal points. An especially effective technique is to get an inexpensive lamp that is directed at the ceiling to enlarge and brighten the room.

If you’re selling your house, Doorsteps can shine more light on the process and help you get the results you want.

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