Light It Up!

There are a
lot of things that you can do to make your home look good to potential buyers,
but lighting is at the top of that list, and it’s something most blogs and
estate agents never even mention. Lighting in your home is essential. You want
to show off your home to the best of your ability and by having the right
lighting, you’re definitely making sure that your home looks as good as it
possibly can. Here are a few tips that can help you to make sure that everything
is well lit.

1.     Clean all the draperies. Make sure
that you pull down all of your drapes or curtains and clean them thoroughly. We
often forget to clean our window dressings and by simply cleaning them, you’ll
find that it adds a great amount of light to your home.

2.     Wash the windows. A thorough window
washing does wonders to help make a home look lighter, but don’t forget to wash
the outside of the windows as well as the inside! If your windows don’t tip in
for easy cleaning, use a ladder or a tall squeegee to wash them. If you’re
thoroughly uncomfortable washing taller windows, hire someone to get it done
for you.

3.     Increase the wattage of your light
. We often use lower watt light bulbs to conserve energy, but if you bump
up the bulbs a bit, you’ll add a great deal more light to your home.

4.     Change the lampshades. If you have
older looking lamp shades, spent a bit to get some more modern looking shades
that allow more light in. The change will be much more dramatic than you may be

5.     Cut back shrubberies. If you have
shrubs that are blocking any lighting, take the time to trim them back. Not
only will it give your home more curb appeal, it will allow some gorgeous
natural lighting into your home as well.

By adding a
bit of lighting to your home you can drastically change how your home looks.
Brighter homes definitely tend to sell better, as do those marketed with
Doorsteps. To learn more, contact us today. 

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