Live in One Of These UK Property Hotspots? Now Is A Great Time To Sell

marketing website Zoopla released a list of some of the best property hotspots
in all of the UK, and if you live in one of these towns, you may want to
consider selling your home.

The report, which was featured on the Daily Express’ website, described the average
home price and days on market for some of the most sought-after areas in the
UK. Zoopla spokesman Lawrence Hall told the 
Express that at the time of the report’s release,
the average English home was on the market for 47 days. 

Here are some of the top cities listed in
Zoopla’s report.

1. Northampton
Average Days on Market: 27
Average Home Price: £245,288
Why you should sell if you live here: Northampton beat the national average sell time by nearly 20 days.
A quick sell time indicates property buyers are excited about the area. Your
property could sell in a matter of weeks here.

2. Milton Keynes
Average Days on Market: 29
Average Home Price: £299,079
Why you should sell if you live here: Though homes in Milton Keynes took slightly longer to sell than
those in Northampton (by a mere two days, to be exact), Milton Keynes sellers
netted just under £53,800 
more on
their selling price. Your Milton Keynes property could be worth more than you

3. Croydon
Average Days on Market: 30
Average Home Price: £374,342
Why you should sell if you live here: Are you starting to see a trend here? For one more day on the
market, home sellers in the London commuter town of Croydon earned an average
of £75,200 more than their Milton Keynes neighbours. If you own property in
Croydon, you could be sitting on a mound of dosh. 

In all, the Zoopla report lists ten cities with
great property selling outlooks in the UK. Other cities to make the list:
Coventry, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Ipswich, among others. 

If you live in one of the listed cities, you
should consider selling your home. If you’re looking for an affordable agency
to help you sell your home online, Doorsteps offers packages beginning at £299
— no commission fees taken. G
et your house valuation online today.

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