Make Moving Day Smooth and Easy

Once you have sold your home, the next phase begins with packing up and moving out. Moving day can be chaotic and stressful if you haven’t planned and organised beforehand. We have all experienced or heard of less than happy moving days when people showed up to help and nothing was packed in boxes or furniture was too big to move. It is best to start planning your move at least two months in advance if at all possible. Doorsteps have a few easy and helpful tips to make sure moving day goes quickly and according to plan.

Start packing early. As soon as you decide to list your home and know there is a possibility you will be moving, start packing up non-essentials and items you don’t have to have in everyday life. Start with seasonal items or other belongings that are usually stored away. If you have a junk or throw room start throwing things away and packing up what you know for sure you would like to move.

Throw away what you don’t use. Packing and unpacking necessities is a difficult task without adding items that you probably won’t use once you have moved to a new home. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t seen it or used it in years then donate it or throw it away completely.

Get Organised. Label boxes for appropriate rooms such as “kitchen” or “office” to make unpacking easier once you have reached your destination. If you have asked friends or family to help you move out and load a moving vehicle make sure you are packed up and ready to go. If you want help packing as well be specific and say so.

Set a date to move. If you need to enlist the aid of a moving truck/service or your close friends and family to help you move it is absolutely necessary to set a date and do your best to stick to it. Planning ahead gives those close to you the chance to keep the date clear for helping load up your moving truck and getting you on the way to your new home. To reserve a moving vehicle or schedule a service to move you call in advance to make sure you get them on the day you need them.

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