Make the Most of Your Open House

You’ve decided to put your home on the market and are employing every strategy you can read about to get your house sold for the best price. A popular choice for showing your home is to schedule an all day or evening open house. This allows multiple prospective home buyers to tour your home. So how can you make the most of this one day open house to optimise the appeal of your home leading to offers and a successful sale? Follow some of these tried and true methods for a great open house.
  1. Utilise social media and online real estate listing sites. The internet is a powerful tool for networking and exposure. Sharing your listing and open house dates on social media such as Facebook and Instagram will help to spread the word and potentially reach buyers that may not have been aware your house was for sale. Announcing your open house with your listing on sites like Zoopla can increase your attendance rates and lead to a promising sale.
  2. Prep your home. An open house is a great opportunity to showcase the character and beauty of your home. Consider staging your home in a way that anyone can see themselves living there. Take down personal photos and clean every corner and closet. Potential buyers will want to look at every space within your home so cleanliness and de-personalised decor are absolutely necessary. Keep the scents neutral as well. Most people have a favorite candle or wall scent they enjoy. Not everyone has the same taste so keeping the scent neutral will prevent turning away potential buyers.
  3. Signage matters. Properly displayed “Open House” signs can make a huge difference in your turnout. Consider putting open house signs in your yard at least a week before the event to let neighbours and buyers in on your show day. Interested buyers can plan out the day making sure to take the time to stop in if they know in advance when it is to take place.
  4. Don’t hang around. It is best for the homeowner to be absent during the open house. Buyers may feel uncomfortable asking questions and really looking at things if they know the homeowner is close by. Avoid any conflict of interest by planning on being gone for the amount of time the open house is to occur.

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