Marketing Your Unique Property Features for a Faster Sale

No two properties are the same, and some are even more unique than others. If your home boasts a unique quality or other uncommon extras, it pays to  trust your Doorsteps to market your property’s uniqueness to sellers. We understand that not everyone is interested in taking on the responsibility of a pool or guest house. We can aggressively seek out sellers looking for these added extras and market them as unique bonuses to your home and property. For extra help improving interest in your home, you may need to update and repair some features to motivate buyers and encourage offers. We can offer a few more helpful tips to help market your home for a faster sale.
Tone it down. If your property is wildly unique or just plain weird, it may be near impossible to market it to potential buyers. If at all possible, try a conservative makeover such as neutral paint colours and understated furnishings. For example, if your home is actually a remodelled and renovated old church or store playing down the setting is your best bet. Try to make the interior look as much like a regular home as possible to increase interest from buyers.
Make it safe. Pools and spas may seem like a selling point, but in reality they can be hard on insurance premiums and deemed unsafe by families with small children. Go the extra mile by building a fence around waterscapes like pools and hot tubs. Making the features safe and child friendly will help to market your home to a larger group. Adding extra safety precautions can also help with insurance costs. Definitely make sure these water spots are well maintained and cleaned before allowing a real estate agent to show your home.
Find comparable properties. It’s hard for assessors and lenders to properly place a value on homes that don’t have similar counterparts. If at all possible, find homes with similar attributes to place a value and listing price on your own unique property. Lenders feel more confident loaning money for homes that have a solid value.
Find the right niche of buyers. In some circles, unique or eccentric properties are in high demand. Unfortunately, they may not be searching out properties in your area. Utilising an experienced estate agent like Doorsteps can help connect you with buyers looking for interesting homes with fascinating and one of a kind features. We have multiple connections and avenues for listing homes including those that aren’t considered traditional.

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