Maximise Your Bathroom Space

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house – but it’s typically also one of the smallest. When you are selling your property, potential buyers are certainly going to be examining this room closely. How can you maximise this space and make it appear larger? We have some tips:

  • Install a pedestal sink. If you have a bulky vanity – and enough room in your budget – consider replacing it with a slim, streamlined pedestal sink. It will free up the room and create a more modern look and the appearance of more space.


  • Utilise natural light. If you have windows in the bathroom, use them. Clean them well and when showing, be sure to open the blinds or other window treatments to let the sunshine in. (Potential buyers will realise they can be closed for privacy when required!). If the bathroom doesn’t have a window, consider installing recessed lighting. It’s not as stark, and it will help the ceiling appear taller.


  • Use neutrals. This is a rather “one size fits all” tip: when selling, it’s best to avoid bold or even trendy colours on your walls. Stick with neutrals. In the bathroom, this also serves to make it look more light and spacious. Use carefully chosen bits of colour to create vibrancy and interest. Towels, hand towels, non-slip rugs, and a fresh plant (bamboo is a good choice) or flowers in a cut glass vase are all great touches.


  • Organise. If you don’t have a linen closet, use a hotel-style shelf that mounts to the wall. These will free up floor space and help you keep everything tidy. Use the space above the toilet for another shelf and a basket for necessities. When showing your house, be sure to clear away your everyday items (makeup, toilet tissue). People want to feel like they’re in a day spa – not your loo.

Any bathroom can be made to appear larger – and certainly, all can become more functional and organised. Ask the online estate agents at Doorsteps if you need more help. 

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