Mirrors Can Help Rooms Look Bigger

Mirrors can have magical qualities.  The placement of mirrors can enhance the look of your home, providing it with a more open and spacious experience for the potential homebuyer.  For rooms that tend to be darker, they can make them lighter.  For rooms that are smaller, mirrors can make those rooms look bigger.  They can also add the feeling of luxury to a home. 

The Rules of Placing Mirrors in Your Home

In order to properly hang mirrors, you need to have a good understanding of alignment relative to the space in which you plan to place the mirror.

1. In the bedroom.  Don’t place mirrors that look at the bed.  A bedroom should be a place for rest and romance.  Mirrors are called “activators” and shouldn’t be placed in spaces designed for rest or romance, according to one feng shui expert. 

2. Across from a front door.  The thought behind this one also comes from feng shui.  An ancient Chinese philosophy believes that hanging a mirror across from your front door “will push opportunity and money out the door.”  When you’re trying to sell your home, if you believe in feng shui, a mirror placed opposite could “symbolically push potential buyers out of the house rather than draw them in.” 

3.  Don’t place a mirror too high.  If you have a fireplace, the rule of thumb is not to hang a mirror above a fireplace because it’s just too high and ends up reflecting your light fixtures. 

4.  Use a mirror as a window.  Mirrors can help spaces look larger than they are, bringing more light into a room.  If you have hallways that are dark, hang a mirror on one of the hallway walls.  An obvious choice for a mirror to act as a window would be a room that has no window, if you have one of those in your home. 

5.  In the dining room.  Especially if a dining room is small, a mirror placed within it can make it look bigger, as well as reflect light from any silver, crystal, or china serving dishes or accompaniments used.  This can brighten the dining area.

Using mirrors in your home can add a touch of magic to your rooms that might need a little help.  Consider the placement of mirrors when choosing to add them. They can make a big difference when buyers are browsing through UK online estate agent property listings.

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