Moving House? Try These Sanity-Saving Tips

For many people, selling their home also means moving house. Few people consider this a fun task. Understandable! It can be stressful and time-consuming — unless you have some expert tips to put into action.

1. Use clear bins for first-use items – When you move into your new space, you’ll need some essentials straightaway: power cords, dishes, and utensils, cleaning supplies, bedding etc. Pack these into clear bins so you can easily spot them at a glance without looking through endless cardboard boxes.

2. Keep your essentials handy – Pack a bag with all the items you’ll need on your first day/night in your new place. You’ll be too tired to do much more than order a takeaway, so have a change of clothes, your device, and charger, toiletries etc in a tote bag. Have one for each family member.

3. Pack smart – You don’t have to break the bank purchasing bubble wrap. Use your socks (clean, of course!) to protect glasses and stemware, and wrap dishes, picture frames and other breakables with clothing and towels. This “kills two birds with one stone”, so to speak, as you’ll be packing multiple items at once.

4. Get out the plastic wrap – If you’ve got multiple drawers, each filled with various items, the thought of unpacking, moving and refilling them can be exhausting. Don’t. Simply cover the drawers with GLAD Press n Seal Multipurpose Sealing Wrap and move each drawer as a unit.

5. Snap a photo of your electronics – Who remembers which wire goes where? When moving, take a quick picture so you have a handy visual aid. You can also use quart-sized zipper bags to keep cords and wires separate. Label them, and make your life easier in your new home.

6. Start packing early – You can start packing as you begin the process of selling your home. This is the perfect time to get personal and decorative items out of the house and into your new space or into storage. Buyers don’t want to see your “stuff”.

Also, go bit by bit. You can pack out-of-season clothing and gear first and move on from there. Doing it gradually keeps you from becoming overwhelmed.

7. Label everything – Make your move logical. Box items from the same room together, and label them (e.g. BATHROOM, KITCHEN). Some master movers go further. They make a Google doc list of everything in a box and assign a number to it. This way, they know where everything is. Where are my dishtowels? Box 17. Got it!

Moving house can be challenging, but with a little organisation and preparation, it will go smoothly, and you’ll be feeling right at home in your new space before you know it.

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