Moving In To Your New Home – Is There Anything You Forgot To Ask?

You’ve come through all the drama of buying a house successfully!  You got a great price on the home of your dreams.  The kitchen is amazing!  The bathrooms are of a grand scale and the windows don’t let in too much light, helping to keep a grip on climate control in your home (and, thereby, utility bills!).  Are there any questions you forgot to ask?
Circuit Breaker Box
Ought-o.  You are plugging in your appliances and devices and – all of a sudden, the lights go out!  What happened?  Was there a surge in the neighbourhood?  No?  It’s just your brand new home that is out of electricity?  Where are the fuses and circuit breaker box located?  Is every room or area operating on electricity labelled, and correctly?  Can you determine what some names mean?  Do you know what the wire colours mean?  Since 2006, British law has required certain colours to be used in all new installations.  Brown means the wire is live; a blue wire is neutral, and yellow- and green-coloured wires stand for Earth.  If your wiring does not have these colours, it is most likely outdated.  Don’t fool around with electricity; call a professional electrician to help.
Pest Control
Any number of uninvited guests could be making themselves at home in your new home.  Before you move in all your packed boxes, look around and make sure you aren’t getting any “extras” with the property you purchase.  Clean and wipe out all cabinets.  Clean the carpets or have them professionally steam-cleaned.  You can try do-it-yourself methods to get rid of roaches, mice, rats, termites, or even bats, but to be able to enjoy your new home properly, you might want to call out a professional pest removal service.  They can also help check for any signs or signals that you may be sharing your home with unwanted visitors.
Plumbing Fixtures
Another possible problem that might come to light once you’ve moved in are plumbing leaks.  A home inspector should have diagnosed any potential plumbing issues for you at the home’s closing, but you never know – it is possible that some leaks won’t show up in a property inspection.  Keep an eye out for dripping kitchen or bath faucets or running toilets.  One trick is to check your water meter, then make sure you don’t use any water for two hours (let’s say as a good example), then check it again.  If the meter’s measurement has changed, water is running from somewhere in your home.
Try to think of as many things like these as you can and get the answers before you close on your new home.

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