My Neighbourhood is Awful! What Can I Do?

Not every home has the perfect location. Some areas just aren’t appealing to homebuyers, and that can mean that properties for sale often sit on the market for much longer than they might in prime neighbourhoods. If you have a home located in a spot that may be less than desirable, is there any hope? Absolutely!

Curb Appeal

This concept matters in almost every home sale, but if you’re in spot buyers won’t love, it matters quite a bit more. The idea behind curb appeal is that the moment a potential buyer sees your home, he or she will immediately fall in love with it, and there are several things you can do to make that happen. Do some landscaping. Paint or replace the front door. Powerwash the siding. Check the trim to see if it needs a quick paint job, and don’t forget to add some cute outdoor furniture to the front. Replacing your exterior lighting can help too, as it gives your home the look you want, even at night.

Consider a Fence

If other homes in the neighbourhood are detracting from yours, you may want to consider privacy fencing around your property. It will help segregate your home from those around it, and that may be the added touch buyers will need to see your home in a completely different light. Select a style that works with your home for an added touch. Keep in mind, however, that this type of fencing can be a bit pricey, so weigh the cost of installation against the sale.

Everything Matters

When you’re trying to sell a home in a spot that buyers may not jump at, everything matters. You’ll want to declutter and hire a professional cleaner to make sure your home looks amazing from top to bottom. Consider staging your home too. The best possible price you can change the way people see your home as well. Perfection is nothing short of a must in this situation.

To learn more about how we can help you sell your home, no matter what the neighbourhood looks like, contact us today.

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