New Build or Fixer Upper?

Deciding to buy a new home is a huge decision and not one to make without weighing in on the pros and cons of what being a homeowner entails. If you are contemplating DIY, it may be a good idea to come up with a pros and cons list to decide what is best for you.

New Build Pros:

Brand new. With new builds everything is modern and can even be custom made if it is new development. The fixtures and flooring will be trendy and in style.

Move in ready. There aren’t any small things that need repaired or replaced like bathroom updates or flooring. With new construction you can move in, unpack, and enjoy your new home immediately.

New Build Cons:

Problems with Construction. Recent reports in the UK have uncovered disturbing percentages of home buyers with complaints about the construction of their new home. Check into the background of construction company before purchasing a home.

HOA’s. Homeowner’s alliances many times are part of the deal when buying new construction and may include strict rules and regulations about your property.

Fixer Upper Pros:

Affordable. A fixer-upper will generally come with a budget-friendly price tag leaving you the funds to make repairs and make it your dream home.

Customisable. If you have the budget and the know how you can take a fixer-upper with good bones and turn it into a beautiful home suited to exactly your taste and style.

Fixer Upper Cons:

Personal time. You will find that with a fixer upper any free time you once had is now spent working to make repairs and remodel your new home.

Cost. While the price tag may have looked inexpensive, some repairs and materials can actually be quite costly. If you find you don’t have the know-how to do some of the work yourself you will also be shelling out some money for contracting services.

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