Online Pictures Make a Great Sale

Posting your home online is a fantastic way to give buyers the opportunity to see your home at its best. The decision to actually see your home in person is likely made based on your photos and how they make your home look. Using a few camera angles and following some advice for making your home look its best can help get lookers online to an open house or inside for a scheduled visit. Take a look at some of the best advice for photographing your home and be sure to get the help of the experts at Doorsteps.

  1. More is better. Buyers are more likely to ask about your home if there are a wide variety of photos. Limiting your photos to one bedroom and bath and the kitchen/living area may not be enough to satisfy the curiosity of online viewers. Taking a wide variety of photos helps online viewers get an idea for the actual size of the house and rooms as well as the layout of the house overall.
  1. Use a hi-res camera. Low quality pics don’t give an accurate perspective of your home and what’s inside. If you cell phone camera isn’t equipped with at least an 8 mp camera, use a camera that is. You could move one step forward, too, and hire a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your house. They have the experience necessary with the lighting and angles that will show off each room and make it look its best.
  1. Pay attention to detail. Too many house photos are taken in haste without really looking at what is in the shot. Are the toilet seats down? Are there dishes in the sinks? What’s on the table when the photo is taken? While you may not think questions like these matter, paying attention to these small details can be a selling point for your home. If the photos make your home look cluttered or uncared for, buyers may question how your home has been maintained over the years.
  1. Use natural light. Taking photos, especially exterior photos, in natural sunlight is the best way to show off your home. Be careful to use angles that don’t allow glares from the light and that lessen imperfections. Finding angles that give the appearance of roominess and space are all great ways to showcase your home drawing in potential buyers leading to a successful sale.

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