Organising the Kid Clutter Before You Sell

If you’re like most parents, you probably think your kids have too much stuff. For many households, this is the case, and all of that kid stuff can really take over your home. While that’s not usually a problem in day to day life, it can be a huge issue before you get ready to sell. What can you do about the kid clutter as you begin to prepare your home for a sale? Take a look.

·       Sort, Divide, Eliminate. One of the first things you should do is sort your children’s toys. If you have a single play space, sort by size. Small toys should stick with small toys. If your kids’ play spaces are in their bedrooms, sort the items by the child. Along with this, you’ll want to think about eliminating a few toys. You’re probably planning to do a bit of decluttering on your own. You should do the same with your children’s toys too. When was the last time your son was actually small enough to fit in that cute cardboard teepee? When did she last played with the giant stuffed panda in the corner? If you can eliminate a few items, you may be able to organise the others.

·       Create Space. If your child doesn’t currently have a spot for some kinds of items, it’s time to create one. Maybe each child has a cubbie in the entryway for school bags. Perhaps you add some narrow shelves just behind his door for all of his toy vehicles. If each type of toy has a place, your child will be more likely to put it away when it’s time to show your home.

·       Go For Hidden Storage. Even if you come up with a number of spots for your child to store his/her stuff, you may still have quite an overflow. In situations like that, you may want to try hidden storage spaces. Under bed organisers are a great option, as are furniture pieces that double for storage like ottomans and entertainment centers.

A well-organised house is one that looks more spacious, and working on your child’s toys can certainly help give the illusion of more space in your home, perfect for property listings on online estate agent‘s websites.

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