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Three Home Renovations That Really Pay Off When It’s Time to Sell

Making big changes to the inside of your home can mean it becomes your ideal space. Given that statistics indicate people change houses at least once a decade, though, it may not stay your ideal space for long. If you’ve made those big changes, then, are you simply out of luck when it comes to recouping your investment? Absolutely not. At Doorsteps, we’ve seen some renovations mean a serious increase in the selling price of a home. Wondering what pays off the most? Take a look at the top three.

  1. The Kitchen
  2. Believe it or not, the kitchen has become king in many spaces. Thanks to a growing foodie culture around the world, people want spacious, beautiful kitchens that can serve as much as a gathering space as they do a food prep space. If you have the money to spend, think stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, and wood flooring. Upgrades like these can mean up to a 50% return on your investment.

  3. A Conservatory
  4. You’ll have to give up a little garden space to add this to your home, but they typically come with a full return on the investment. Because a conservatory is typically small, you don’t even need planning permission to add one. You can also forget about the structure and fire safety regulations because so much of it will be glazed glass. What’s more is that it’s separated from your home with an external door, so that means an additional break on regulations. While you see low costs, buyers will see a room bathed in sunlight without having to deal with poor weather conditions.

  5. A Loft
  6. The Nationwide Building Society has found that lofts increase property values by up to 20%, making them an amazing investment. Adding a loft may mean extra bedroom space or even home office space that your current space sorely lacks. Potential buyers will find many imaginative uses for the loft you added, and that can only mean an increased base price.
    Make the most of your home now by choose renovations that will pay off when it is time to sell!

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Should You Have an Open House?

There is some disagreement as to whether an open house will actually help to sell your home. Many agents will swear by them and make it a habit to host an open house for practically every home they have listed. Others claim they have sold no more homes by hosting open houses than by showing their listings based on interest and individual appointments. It may come down to your own personal preference as a homeowner getting ready to list your home for sale. Do you wish to have an open house. Discuss the pros and cons with Doorsteps to make your final decision.

Some of the Benefits

  • You may draw in a potential buyer who otherwise wouldn’t have called an agent to view your home. Driving by and seeing an open house sign or noticing an advertisement on social media could bring in more traffic to view your home and drive up interest.
  • These open houses may feel like less pressure to make a decision on whether to buy the house. If there are multiple people looking through the home then there will be less focus on just one buyer and what they like/don’t like about the home.
  • You have time to set the scene. In some cases, you may feel a bit rushed before a potential buyer views your home, but because you hold an open house on your own time, you have as much time as necessary to set the scene properly.

The Drawbacks

  • Open houses are not known to boost the sale of your home. In some areas, an open house will get a house sold about 2% of the time. Not great numbers when you are motivated to sell. Private showings where buyers can take their time and ask questions are usually more successful for selling a home.
  • Buyers who come to an open house have probably not gone through the pre-approval process for a home loan. They may be first time home buyers who are just looking to get started on their search. Without pre-approval the process for making an offer and getting financing could take more time delaying the sale date.
  • It’s not really buyers looking through your home. At lot of the traffic during your open house may just be curious passers-by or even neighbors. Having an open house makes it easy for anyone to walk through your home without having any serious interest to buy.
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Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyers’ Market

A buyers’ market is great when you are looking for a new home to purchase but can be disheartening when you are on the other end trying to sell your home. When the market becomes overrun with similar houses, buyers are in a position to offer low and get a great house far under list price. So how do you sell your home fast and for a good price when the market is tilted in favour of the buyer? There are some great tips for getting your home sold fast.

  1. Don’t overprice. Yes, we all want the top price for our homes but when the market is flooded with homes be realistic. Buyers tend to stay away from homes priced at the top of their value because they are worried the seller won’t be willing to negotiate. Find a price somewhere between your bottom price and the top value of your home. Some experts recommend coming in at least 20% lower than highest value for a quick sale.
  1. House selling 101. The same top tips are consistent no matter who you speak to. Update your paint, landscape and enhance the exterior or curb appeal of your place, and declutter your space. These basic tips give the appearance of a clean and open space giving you an edge over other home sellers.
  1. Show it off. Getting buyers to check out your house within the first 2 weeks of listing is vital to selling your home quickly. Advertise on social media and schedule an open house to increase the amount of traffic your home sees. Aggressively listing and showing your home are key to a quick sale. Be flexible and agree to showings anytime it is convenient for the potential buyers. Declining a showing because the house isn’t ready could lose you a buyer.
  1. Hire a photographer. The key to a great online listing is all in the photographs. Buyers get a feel for a home just by skimming through the photos you have taken. Hiring a photographer skilled in taking home photos will help capture the best images showcasing lighting and space sure to draw in buyers. Great photographs can help you get a fast sale.
  1. Don’t forget to talk up your location. Online advertising is great but be sure to include information about the area your house is located. Many buyers are looking for a specific vibe in the neighbourhood they will reside. Talk up your area and neighbours to enhance your property.

For information to help you sell in a buyers’ market, get in touch with Doorsteps today.

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