Painting Before You Sell? Don’t Use these Three Colours!

Many sellers decide to paint before they put their homes on the market, and for good reason. A fresh coat of paint can help refresh almost any room. Choosing the right colour, though, can be a bit problematic. If you intend to paint your home before you sell it, make sure you avoid those colour choices.

Dark Brown – This is one of the least desirable colours available. It’s so undesirable, in fact, that the Australian government once considered using it on packages of cigarettes to help make smoking less desirable. If you want a darker colour for a given room, this one isn’t it, so find a deep purple or something else instead.

Slate – You’ve probably read pieces that advise you to go with a grey, and while it is a fairly popular trend, not just any grey will do. Instead, you should choose to go with something much lighter. Slate tends to turn buyers away, making them feel your walls may as well be a cement prison cell instead. Try dove grey instead, and you’ll get the hit you were looking for.

Bright Red – For decades, studies have shown that red isn’t a happy colour. In fact, it typically induces anger, or at least amplifies any anger you’re currently feeling, and that’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to get someone to buy your home. If you really want a red, try a muted choice instead.

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