Painting Before You Sell? These Colour Tips May Help

A fresh coat of paint is always one of the first tips homeowners should consider when planning to put their home up for sale.  While a fresh coat of paint can always bring a fresh appeal to your home, the colours you choose to paint your home can also be an important factor.  It has been said that specific colours can either increase or decrease the value of a home.  Which colours should you choose if you want to boost the value of your home?
White Vs. Colours
Trends change, certainly, over time, but colours are said to make a much bigger impact than white paint.  Colours are typically lighter and not dark colours.  While one year, yellow was a big “in” colour for kitchens, the next year, yellow was “out.”  Those colours desirable to future homeowners are universal ones that can help them envision their own furniture and living accessories in the spaces.  Since front doors play such an important role in the introduction of your home to prospective homebuyers, the colour choice for the door is often showcased in a contrasting and complementary colour to the rest of the home’s exterior.
In a recent survey, the colours of navy blue, charcoal, or dark grey were touted as popular.  Complementary shades of grey and beige are popular for home exteriors.  Kitchens in a blue-grey colour are considered fashionable, while living rooms in light taupe, oatmeal, or beige seem to be selling well.  Blue is known as a calming colour and, therefore, considered restful and relaxing in bedrooms.  Dining rooms in slate blue and bathrooms in shades of blue-grey or purple hues have found favour with prospective homebuyers.
Colours Not To Use
Colours that can have a negative impact on potential homebuyers are those painted with “deep” or “bold” colours.  No colour at all is also often seen negatively.  Today it would be wise to stay away from yellow kitchens, medium brown or taupe exteriors, red dining rooms, pink bedrooms, and white bathrooms.  Colours can have a definite impact on one’s mood and, therefore, our vision of future use that can be imagined when desiring to purchase a new home.
Colours can play an important role in how prospective homebuyers view your listings with online estate agents and see your home when visiting. It often helps decide whether they can see themselves living happily there.  Choose paint colours wisely.

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