Preparing Your Home For Buyers in the Next Five Days

You’ve made the decision to sell your home. How long will it take you to prepare for potential buyers? It’s actually possible to do it in the next five days. Take a look.

?     Pack now! The first thing you need to do is start packing! “But,” you think, “I’ve got nowhere to move to!” This doesn’t matter. You can rent storage space or, if you’re lucky, you can store your belongings with friends or family. It’s a good rule of thumb to get rid of about two-thirds of your home right off! Go for a room at a time, and only leave out your essentials.

?     Get rid of the photos! Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in the house, which means that one of the first things you should remove are any photos of you and your family. Pack them up and put up a few generic, artistic photos instead. This gives the rooms a good look while keeping things impersonal.

?     Declutter your shelves and closets! Get rid of everything in your closets and on your shelves that you don’t use anymore and pack away everything that you won’t need for a few months. This definitely clears a house up and makes it look much more presentable.

?     Quick, inexpensive updates. Air vents a little rusty? Light switches looking a little dingy? Clean or replace little things like that to instantly give your house a small facelift.

?     Fill any little gaps! Gaps between the molding and the wall, little holes in the wall from the pictures or paintings you had hanging. Get them all fixed up before you list your house!

?     Fresh paint works wonders! Don’t think that you have to paint everything white, either. Neutral colors, or grays, work great for making rooms look fresh and not sterile. Take one day to handle this task. Hit a paint shop in the morning, plan to be painting by afternoon, and by evening, your home should have a completely new look.

?     Brighten dark spots! If you have darker spots in your house brighten them up! This can often be done by cleaning windows or changing out window treatments.

There are a lot of things that you can do quickly and cheaply that will make your home look fantastic for potential buyers. In just one week you can change the look so much that you might even start second-guessing your decision to sell!

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