Protect Your House and Belongings During a Showing

People need to see a house, to feel its walls and look at its foundation, in order to make an informed decision. And they need to step inside and see how they feel so they can make a good decision. Showings are vital – but they can also leave your house and belongings vulnerable. How do you keep them safe?

1.    Remove valuables and important documentation. It’s obvious, but in the hustle and bustle of staging and showing, you may neglect to take away these important items. Make it a priority; while the majority of those coming will be genuinely interested in the house, there will be a few who can’t resist a free gold watch or your credit card number. While you’re at it, remove your medications and the like; that is no one’s business, but you can be sure people will be looking through your cabinets!

2.    Use a sign-in sheet. Whether you do the showing or your estate agent handles it, make sure to have people sign in with their names and contact information. At least if something goes awry, you can trace it back through this list.

3.    Put a passcode on your computers and devices. You don’t want viewers taking a peek into your most sensitive documents – or your most trivial Facebook comments either, for that matter!

4.    Don’t leave viewers unattended. If you are not doing the showing, make sure your estate agent (and an assistant, if you have two levels) will be there all the time. You don’t want to smother potential buyers by hovering; but you do want to make sure they know there’s someone looking after the property.

5.    Check the windows and doors after. Sticky-fingered “house hunters” may take the opportunity to unlock windows or doors to allow them entry later on. After each viewing, check each access point is secure.

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