Red Flags to Avoid When Buying a Home

Thinking of buying a home? Congratulations. It’s easily one of the single best investments you can make. Before you buy, though, you’re likely to come across at least a few properties that just don’t make the cut. How can you ensure you get a house that’s amazing? These tips can help you avoid homes with problems!
• Heavily Scented Properties: If you walk into a home and you only catch heavy fragrances like air freshener or candles, there’s a pretty good chance the seller is aware of some odour in the home and is actively working to cover it. While some scents attract buyers, too much scent can repel them, and for good reason. Look for mildew, signs of pet accidents, or damage from cigarette smoke in homes that are heavily scented.
• Foundation Cracks: Most houses tend to have small cracks in the foundation. That’s usually a pretty good indication that the house is settling some. Bigger gaps, though, mean there are real problems with the home. The same is true if you notice cracks above window frames or floors that are uneven. While most newer properties don’t have these problems, it’s not impossible, so check every property you visit.
• Ventilation Problems: The last thing you want in a new home is moisture problems, but it’s not rare, especially in the UK. Watch for ventilation issues when you’re shopping for a new home. Eventually, they can create mould or even irritate your breathing. How will you know in a simple walkthrough whether a home has moisture problems? You may notice condensation on the windows. You may also see bubbled paint around vents or doors. Both of these indicated the presence of moisture currently or at least in the past, and it’s one mistake that can be expensive to fix.
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