Saying Goodbye to Your House – and To Your Memories

Some people buy and sell houses with ease; to them, they are stick-built investments. For others, houses are homes. They are places where memories are made, where children were raised, where holidays were celebrated… And it can be incredibly difficult to let them go, even if you’re moving on to “bigger and better” (or “smaller and better”… you get the idea) things. Here are a few tips from the estate experts at Doorsteps:

1. Realise it is hard! Acknowledge that this process is stressful and quite emotional. You may feel sadness at leaving your home. Be prepared for that. It will help you move beyond it – pun intended. It also helps if you have a partner or mate you can talk to about this.

2. Detach gradually. Start to see your home as a house and your house as a product. It’s a different mindset. One big step you can take is to store your personal items. Yes, this is an important consideration in terms of staging your home, but it also helps you pack up your emotions a bit. Bit by bit – or photo by photo and kids craft by kids craft – it becomes a blank canvas for someone else to fill in.

3. Take a look at the flaws. Some experts recommend taking a good look around… and being critical. This place is too small. I really wish we had another bathroom. Oh, how did we cook in this kitchen? Of course, you don’t want to say this to any potential buyers! But you’re saying, This worked for me, and now I need/want something different. Instead of looking to the past, you are looking to the future. Think about the great qualities of the new home into which you are moving, or the money you’ll save, or the neighbourhood you’ll enjoy, or the extra bathroom you’ll have!

Selling your home can be a time of great mixed emotion. Give yourself permission to feel sad, but also to let in the room to feel excited about the future.

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