Sell Your Home Fast

Summer is winding down, and in some areas, the end of the summer season shows a marked slowdown in home sales. The prime time for selling homes is from March to the end of August. So what can a seller do to combat having a house on the market throughout the dismal winter months? There are a few tried and true pieces of advice from the experts at Doorsteps that can help spike interest in your property. If you haven’t already tried some of these tips and you are still waiting for a buyer, give these ideas a try.

Get Rid of Personal Belongings

No, not forever, but if you are still living in the home, it’s best to make the house look as staged and not lived in as possible. A helpful tip is to keep an empty tote or container handy so you can throw any clutter or personal items when a buyer comes for a showing.

Brighten it up

When you know there are buyers coming for a showing, turn on your lights. Staging your home with the lights on helps showcase your home and give an idea of what each room will look like. Open up the window treatments and let the natural light flood in.


It is highly recommended that the owners are not present for a showing when your agent brings by clients to view your home. The buyers need to be able to view the home without feeling any pressure and should feel free to ask all questions about the property.

Price it right

If your home has been sitting for a while with no interest it may be time to reevaluate the price and consider lowering it for a faster sale. Do some comparison pricing with similar homes in the neighborhood and price accordingly.

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