Sell Your Home with Social: 3 Ways to Make Online Tools Work For You

Where do home buyers turn when they want to research options and find the right property? The same place we all turn whenever we want to research or find anything! The internet. Today, most buyers start with online searches and utilise social media to scour listings, view neighbourhood statistics and compare prices and features. Here are a few ways that you can reach these interested buyers and spark interest in your house:
1. Help Buyers Visualise with YouTube. Buyers want to picture themselves in a property and envision how they will make it their own. To help them, create a video (smartphone will do perfectly well here) highlighting the features of your house and its curb appeal. Take it a few steps further by walking around your neighbourhood and showing off its various amenities (e.g. cafes, markets, restaurants, shops, recreational activities, services, natural beauty etc.). These are major factors in a buyer’s decision. Help potential buyers make themselves right at home.
2. Share on Facebook. Make sure your listing appears before as many eyes as possible. By simply sharing it on Facebook, you reach all of your friends – and you reach the friends of friends. 
3. Let Your Estate Agent Help. When you find the right real estate agent, they will take care of everything, including ensuring your listing appears on Rightmove and Zoopla. Over 97% of home buyers use these two platforms. Thus, being seen there is critical. As well, the agent will handle all the more tedious aspects of the selling process, such as obtaining energy performance certificates (EPCs) and dealing with solicitors. 
Much of the home buying process has migrated online, and social media is a major factor. Use these tips to spread the word about your house and let us help you with all the other details, so you can sit back and relax.

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