Selling an Empty Home

The home has absolutely nothing inside. Every buyer who
walks in is going to quickly realise that, and while you’ve probably read every
blog available on decluttering, what you may not understand is that a vacant
home can be just as tough to sell as a cluttered one. Whether you’re trying to
move your home on and off the market after a divorce, you’re selling your home
after  you’ve already located a new one,
or you’re trying to sell an elderly family member’s property after they’ve gone
to a care home, it’s important to understand that vacant houses present an
interesting problem. These tips can help you sell your vacant property much

1. Maintain the Curb Appeal – The home may not have any
furniture inside it, but curb appeal remains an important factor. It can’t look
abandoned from the outside. Make sure you hire a lawn care service to handle
the routine trimming necessary, and you may want to make a few updates to the
outside to help make it look like a home that has been well cared for over

2. Clean and Paint – If a home is vacant, a buyer is far
more likely to notice the scratches and scuffs on the wall as well as the
damaged flooring in spots and dirty carpeting. Before you even list your home
with Doorsteps, hire a carpet cleaning company to do a thorough job on the
flooring. Hire a painting team to give the walls a quick, neutral facelift as

3. Set the Thermostat – Ensure your heat remains on in the
home the entire time it is on the market. The last thing you want is a buyer
who walks into the home to view it and is freezing cold the entire time. You
may even want to install a smart thermostat. It’s not only a great selling
point, but you can control it from your mobile, too, to help turn up the heat
before a buyer comes in.

 Vacant homes can be
harder to sell, but we’ll help you do it quickly. Contact us today for more
helpful tips.

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