Selling Your Home in Spring

Spring is the notoriously favourite time to sell a home.  Several reasons can be attributed for that. First, everyone is ready to get out of the house after winter’s doldrums and ready to see new things and make changes. Just as importantly, though, flowers and plants are beginning to bloom from gardens so homes with gardens are really popular. Finally, the holidays are over for a while and people have more time. Think you’re ready to make that sale? Take a look at a few benefits of the season.

Why Sell in Spring?

Spring is the busiest season for selling homes.  This is due, in part, to the warmer weather, more daylight, and the essence of the human spirit getting called to renewal from the hibernation that can set in during winter months.  Home prices are also typically higher because spring is the prime selling season when many homes get listed and come on the market.  There is a buzz around all the available properties, and that buzz often translates into more than one homebuyer wanting to purchase your home.  The demand for homes is driven by demand.

Comparable Data Valuations

When a solicitor or conveyancer is looking to value your home, if they do so in winter, they most likely won’t have as much comparable data to draw from.  In the spring, when more homes typically sell, those that have recently sold in your neighbourhood often increase the valuation of your home.  The more local data in and around your neighbourhood that is available for comparison, the better chances your property has for an increased valuation.

Longer Days, Better Weather

When daylight hours are longer, more people have more opportunities to spend time looking at different homes on the market.  Your home will have higher chances of being seen more often in spring and summer.  When the sun is shining and flowers are blooming in and around your home, it raises the appeal of your property.

You can sell a house in any season.  Different nuances exist, however, for each season.  Make sure you take advantage of them all. Contact Doorsteps today for tips on selling your home.

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