Selling Your Home in the Summer

Selling your home can be a daunting task with much uncertainty tied to it. Whether you have decided to relocate for work, downsize/upsize, or find a better neighbourhood for your lifestyle, this is the season to sell.  You have already done the math and measured the pros and cons of your move, so why wait?
Summer is Selling Season
Strategically speaking, most homes are sold in the warmer months of the year.  Summer marks buying time as families have more time and need to purchase homes before the start of the next school term to enroll their little ones.  With more daylight hours, you can show your home with greater availability. Plus, any outdoor space that your property has can be displayed at its fullest potential.
Making the Most of Your Summer Spaces
Light: Lighting is a key selling point in homes and affects the mood of the rooms in your house.  Be sure to lift up the curtains and allow the light to stream in. Clean windows are a must.  Remove heavy drapery that blocks the sun and makes any room feel heavy. This tidy step allows your decorating tastes to lessen and helps the potential buyer to more easily picture themselves in the space.
Air: With all of the sunshine, temperature control is crucial. If a space it too hot or muggy and the air is stagnant, people will associate their discomfort with the space. Keeping the air circulating in the space is key. People will stay longer and feel more at peace with a space if they feel more comfortable.
Flora: Don’t be afraid to bring the fruit of the season into your house.  Bring in simple and easy-to-maintain plants. Fresh-cut flowers brighten a room and greet buyers with a fragrant smell and outdoor plants on a patio or balcony will inspire them to take advantage of the warmth and sunlight available.
Flexibility: As the owner and shower of the space, it is your responsibility to be available meet with willing and excited potential buyers. You have greater availability in the summer time to show your property. Some buyers prefer mornings, others afternoons, yet even after dinner. Make sure you can be flexible to see them, but it is generally agreed that showing a property at night is not in your best interests.

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