Selling Your House? 3 Investments That Are Worth It

They say you’ve got to spend money to make money. Well, when it comes to selling your house (and getting the best deal possible), this is more than true. It’s worth time, effort and, yes, some smart investments to get your property in its best shape for potential buyers.

Our top picks for expenditures that will give you an excellent return:


1.    Pro cleaning service. When you are trying to sell your house, you must scrub, scrub and scrub some more. Many buyers will tolerate some flaws or imperfections  — if they are packaged as “character” — but an unclean space is a significant turn-off. People will not envision themselves in a space that is grungy, dingy or cluttered.

If you are pressed for time, hire a professional cleaning service: they can use the tricks of their trade to get your place sparkling from top to bottom.

2.    Furniture rentals. Now it may seem odd, but we recommend that you remove your furniture, particularly bulky and large pieces (e.g. big couches or heavy wardrobes/armoires). And then replace them with rented pieces.

Doing so serves two purposes: smaller pieces help enhance the flow of a space and make it look larger. This will appeal to savvy house-hunters. It can also help you detach from the house, which aids as you prepare to leave it.


3.    Staging items. Staging can help you create a story that resonates with potential buyers. Invest in a few bits and pieces to help set the scene: fluffy fluffy towels and accents for the bathroom, fresh flowers for the dining and living rooms, new curtains to show your windows to their best advantage, a few shrubs and flowering plants for the yard, new hardware for the doors, cabinets etc.

These are relatively inexpensive pieces, but they add up to great improvements in your house.

Another great investment: opting to go with a Doorsteps estate agent. Our fees are more than competitive, and you’ll save thousands over high street firms. Contact us for more information.

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